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Companies and institutions face complex challenges. The world has changed significantly since the advent of the Internet and especially the massive embracement of smart devices. New developments tumble over each other. Consultants will help you to choose a future path and thereby embrace themes such as e-commerce, leadership and change management. But what when the consultants have left the building? When plans and actions must be implemented? Then you trust Kosanuq and it’s Academy.

Kosanuq Academy distinguishes two essential steps in securing strategic objectives:


Digital developments and the translation of these developments into operational processes requires automation. A technological breakthrough has made it possible for native users (your own employees and managers!) to handle this translation without being required to possess, or develop, programming skills and expertise.

Your own staff easily outsmarts programmers in Asia or Eastern-Europe. They know the intricacies of your own organization better than anyone else. Moreover, they can respond more quickly to new developments because they are ‘in-the-house’.


Kosanuq Academy offers programs that will enable all departments of a company or institution (legal / compliance, finance, sales, marketing, auditing) to work together to achieve strategic objectives.

For this, it is desirable to learn to speak a common language: BPMN or Business Process Model & Notation. A language that consists solely of graphical objects that everyone will understand and interpret in the same way. Speaking this language will allow a lawyer to contribute as much as a marketer or a financial.

Kosanuq aims to make companies and institutions agile; quickly and effectively respond to internal and external changes that affect the business or the earnings. But even without changes there is always the necessity to continuously improve business processes to stay ahead of the competition and keep clients happy. Not being dependent on programmers to do so will prove invaluable.

Internationally, we offer in company training programs. Please click here for more information.

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